Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Acting Class - Week 2

Despite my hesitations for last weeks acting class, I actually found myself quite looking forward to this one. Although we only had a small class this week it was still successful and I think it just made us have to try that bit harder during the team activities (no bombs this week, we had lasers instead), although The Wildcats really didn't do so well with burger-ball this week. 

We had a long exercise where we each had to act out our morning routine to the rest of the group then have them say what they saw/understood from it which was quite interesting, trying to figure out a way to make yours unique to yourself and also try and understand things you might not yourself be familiar with that other people are doing. Also the spacing and imagined house layouts were interesting to see take shape. 

Overall I found todays lesson fun and also I can see how these classes will definitely be of use when character posing and so on, its really made us think about the little details like turning vs pull up taps, opening draws, leaning over cupboards to reach further away things, and remembering your shoes have zips. 

Zip zap in action 

snoozing is a must for any morning routine

mastering the art of the acted-sit

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  1. I love reading about these classes - thanks for sharing, Pip!