Monday, 20 February 2017

Critical Perspectives - Dissertation OGR - 20/2/17


  1. Your title needs further rephrasing and clarity- can you change this to a question- can you be clearer about what you want to discuss?
    Your synopsis is a very broad overview- I don’t think you need to look entirely at the history of Disney.
    Your second point needs further clarity -are you saying Inside Out allows us to engage in a subject not commonly dealt with in animation such as a child’s emotional development?
    Chapter 1 is too broad- perhaps you could look specifically at how society has evolved attitudes to mental health. From the Victorian era onwards mental health and illness is a repressed subject- look at Freud Civilisation and its discontents for ideas around our drivers ( such as anger ) and how these are repressed in society.
    If you are looking at connotation you need to read more around semiotics and specifically Roland Barthes- this is a very postmodern idea- that signs have implied meanings.
    Chapter 2 has too much content again and is over generalised. Look more specifically at animation’s capacity in Disney to deal with dark themes in Bambi for example and discuss this as part of Disney’s development of story lines in films and of genre in animation which is generally a carrier of society’s anxieties

    Chapter 3
    Most of your research is on the critical responses to Inside Out- but here you should also show you understand the Freudian concepts explored in the film connected to the ego, id, anger, loss repression of emotion and catharsis etc
    Consider how psychoanalysis has become a more common feature of themes in film and a way to explore and theorise around films meaning- you need a better understanding of film history and theory here. Read How to Read a Film by James Monaco and The Cinema Book by Pam Cook