Thursday, 2 February 2017

Adaptation: Part B - Looking into copyright issues

After discussing my idea for the project with Alan, the only major bump that has come up is the question of copyright in using the music I have selected as a base for my adaptation animation. 
I've been doing some research into this and trying to find some clarification on this issue, but so far haven't actually found a definitive answer. I was unable to find a specific email address to message about the use of the music, and I'm unsure who exactly holds the copyright for the song, as there is little no on information that I can find on this on the Aurora vevo youtube channel, or Aurora's site. I did look into which record labels she is signed with, which are Decca, Glassnote and Petroleum. However none of these also give much clarification on their sites, and just link out to either Auroras site or Facebook page. I have however sent messages to both the AuroraVevo YouTube channel and the Aurora Facebook page, explaining my situation, what I would like to use the song for, and asking for some clarification on the issue. I will also be contacting the record labels through their websites later today, and hope I can get a positive response.
I also looked through the copyright help page provided by YouTube, but once again it didnt really answer my issue.

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