Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Adaptation: Part A - Storyboarding, element planning.

I've been unsuccessful with a voice actor so I've decided to change my infographic up a bit, and use text instead, this also means it will be less "wordy" and more simple. Its still going to be presented as if it were an interactive "help guide", but one that isn't remotely educational, and more just for comedy effect. 

With this tone change, the title has been added to slightly, and is now "Creative Ways to Cook an Egg (and become totally cool) (trust me) and shows mini step by step tutorials on 3 different (totally ludicrous) ways of cooking an egg. I was initially just going to have an egg as the main focal point of the infographic, but I have now decided to include a character which will carry out he "tutorials" on cooking an egg. I have made this character a "human bean" (literal B bean shaped) to be comical and also age, gender and race neutral, so it appeals to any audience. This design also keeps with the simplistic design I am going for in the infographic. The character will have a minor rig in after effects to be able to bend/walk/move its arms. 

Sources Im drawing a lot of inspiration from for this infographic are "pointless"/ "random" based forms of humour, such as the popular asdfmovies, webcomic cyanide and happiness, and the humour found in Behemoth games, most relevantly Battle Block Theatre (as previously mentioned) and Pit People. My target audience (young teen) is still the same however, as this type of humour is widely popular with that age group. 

Here I'm trying out different fonts to use for my infographic. I want it to be straight for ward and easily readable, but also fun and not too serious, to go with the jokey-ness of the infographic. I was leaning towards either the 2nd, 5th or last font, and after feedback from family I went with the 5th, but scaled up.

The 3 scenarios I've picked for the tutorial have also changed slightly, instead of "summoning Satan" instead its now "Use the heat from a dragons belly". I'm also toying with adding a 4th option if I have time/swapping the extinction blast one for shooting it into the sun. 

I was having some difficulties really wrapping my head around exactly what would happen in my infographic, and the text I would need and when so spent a little time coming out with some very rough plans to help me visualise it all a little better, and to have a guide to work from. Definitely not "proper" presentable work but still part of my process. 

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