Saturday, 15 October 2016

Narrative - Design Influences

After talking to Alan about the art direction of our project, we have a pretty good idea of what sort of look we would like to achieve, so I've put together this overall brainstorm/influence post to help illustrate this. 

Our influences come from vintage and found textures, collage/photo collage, hand drawn/sketching and a general "homely" and tactile look, and from old paper dolls with jointed limbs. We aim to predominantly use image, bringing some 3D elements into a mainly 2D world, such as imposing an image as texture and then extruding out certain surfaces to create further depth while still keeping a primarily 2D world. Textures we are aiming to use will primarily be fabric and paper textures, but also incorporating some imagery of items that would eb found around an elderly womans home, possible examples - tea sets, grandfather clock, doilies, etc, mixing in imagery and drawn with textures.

Initially we were thinking of what we knew of in this sort of style, for example Charlie and Lola, with the hand drawn paper cutout look.

And also The Thomas Beale Cipher becasue of the use of vintage paper textures, plus the silhouette style could be good influence for our "film noir" genre. 

A good influence for the noir aspect that would also fit with out cut-out theme would be the sets of Dr. Caligari.

After further research we also found these sources of inspiration; The childrens cartoon "Cloud Bread" and the music video to "Dead All Along" by Cari Frost, animated by Giles Timms, and the music video to Angus & Julia Stone's "Just a Boy".

Further influences to draw upon for our film noir genre include the works of Saul Bass and Michal Socha, such as CHICK.

CHICK from Mayki on Vimeo.

Influence map for our animation - twin peaks will be a big influence on our colour palette, with initial colours being more muted and "retro/vintage" and then in the noir scenes be a lot more vibrant with lots of contrast. 

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