Friday, 30 September 2016

Narrative - Group Story-boarding Session

Today was a mass brainstorming session for fleshing out our groups' story for our animation. These are the planning maps/spider diagrams we created. We had a few different ideas but have decided to go with one based around "granny vs weeds", which sees a granny's feud with the weeds in her prized garden. Later in the day we were also given our genre - Film Noir. We have chosen to incorporate this through taking aspects and tropes from film noir and amplifying them through the build up to the climax of our story. For example dutch/abstract angles, monochorome, elongated shadows, always raining at night, and turning our granny into a femme fatale. 

Initial planning around our end sentence and theme. 

 Idea #1

Idea #2

Idea #3 

Opening planning for our chosen story (#1) 

Character design planning, before and after "transformation" event.  

Adjusting and planning our story after being given our genre. 

Synopsis of story ready for first pitch. 

1 - Late winter. Granny is seen caring for a rose by her house. Inside, 2nd place banners from garden competitions line the walls. Close up on a calendar, Judging day for this years competition is marked.
2 - Weeds at the end of the garden (personified) looking at rose with jealousy, want to be closer to the house, be cared for, warm, grow etc. Gangster look, crime, mafia. Long, thorny, vines. 
3 - Week before judging day (calendar + weather mark time passing). Granny prepping garden, spraying weeds. Night, raining - looks out at garden weeds, they are spreading. Calendar marked off, Next day weeds are closer to house. Darker atmosphere. (Noir  look increases)
4 - Progressively darker/ more noir through montage of days, weed killing, night rain, anmd calendar crossing off. Weeds are getting closer and closer to house and rose. Granny protecting and caring for rose. 
5 -  Day before judging day. Monochrome. Granny transformed into femme fatale, dangerous woman. Extended shadows and drama, dramatic shots and angles. In dramatic climax scene between femme fatale granny and weeds, rose is killed. 
6 - Night, rain, granny looking into overrun garden, weeds are creeping up the walls of the house.
7 - Next morning Granny comes downstairs. Noir atmosphere/colour and shots of hallway. Flowers are inside and have bloomed but everything is black and white. Granny in horror and shock. Calendar shows it is judging day. 
8 - Doorbell rings, Granny opens and everything changes, (no noir) bright and pastels. House and garden is beautiful, full of bloomed "weed" flowers everywhere. Vibrancy and beauty. Granny is presented with 1st prize.
10 - Calendar shows few days after, granny tending to "weed" flowers outside, 1st prize proudly hanging on hallway wall, personified flowers laughing, happy. 

Feedback from initial story pitch:
Might be a little long/be overstuffed. Consider taking some aspects out or it wont fit in the time restraint. Simplify. 

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